Why Use Okey Ecommerce Proxy

  • 150M+ Residential Proxies for Ecommerce Business.
  • Supports SOCKS5 HTTP(S) Proxy
  • Administration-free web scraping infrastructure
  • Country/City-Targeting without IP Blocking
  • Pay Only for Successfully Delivered Results
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    Okey eCommerce Proxy

    Instantly Collect Accurate Product Data

    The e-commerce Scraping Proxies can quickly access the product data from e-commerce markets or independent websites. Get real-time e-commerce data from many types of web pages, including search and product pages in HTML or JSON format.

    • Amazon
    • eBay
    • Walmart
    • Overstock
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    Easily Bypass geo-restrictions

    Access localized e-commerce data from virtually anywhere in the world, no matter where you are. The e-commerce proxies with different IPs allows you to easily collect highly localized product data from 200+ countries.

    • Local search results in 200+ countries
    • Country, state, city or coordinate level targeting

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    Bypass cloudflare

    Retrieve high-quality eCommerce data in seconds

    Integrated with scraping tool, rotating proxies can help scraper collect data from almost all eCommerce product pages, and provides you with high-quality structured data in JSON format by detecting the most important data parts, including product title, price, and description.

    • Powerful Rotating Residential Proxies
    • Improve scalability of data extraction
    • Patented built-in proxy rotator solves blocking problems

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    Static Residential Proxy
    Our Pricing

    Suitable for any companies or teams

    • Trial

    • $3/1 Day

    • IP Traffic: 1GB
    • Validity:1 Day
    • HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5:Supported
    • Country/City Targeting:Available
    • Supported Countries:200+ Countries
    • Rotating Residential Proxy

    • $0.8/GB

    • IP Traffic: 1GB
    • Validity:Based on Traffic
    • HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5:Supported
    • Country/City Targeting:Available
    • Supported Countries:200+ Countries
    • Static Residential Proxy

    • $11.4/IP/Month

    • Validity: 1 Month
    • HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5: Available
    • Country/City Targeting:Available
    • Supported Countries:45 Countries
    • Datacenter Proxy

    • $8.9/IP/Month

    • Validity: 1 Month
    • HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5: Available
    • Country/City Targeting:Available
    • Supported Countries:45 Countries

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    Access Process


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    FAQ About eCommerce Proxy

    What is a eCommerce proxy?

    An e-commerce proxy, also known as an e-commerce proxy server or e-commerce proxy service, is a specialized type of proxy server used in the context of online retail and e-commerce platforms, like amazon, ebay, walmart, and others.

    eCommerce proxies can be used in Geolocation and Localization, Price Comparison, Bypassing Restrictions, Product Data Scraping and Automation.

    eCommerce proxies workflow: 1. Your internet traffic is directed through an intermediary server. 2. This server assigns a different IP address to your connection request. 3. As a result, your IP address is concealed, and you appear to be a regular user with a different IP address.

    Just sign up with a eCommerce proxy provider like Okeyproxy and get access to the pool of 150M+ Residential IP addresses. Then, add residential proxies to your script or a code by entering the proxy's IP address and port number. Your internet traffic will be rerouted through the residential proxy, making you look like a regular user from that IP location. Learn more about how to use it.

    You can seamlessly incorporate Okeyproxy's proxies with various leading automation bots. Whether your software operates on a dedicated server or your local machine, it's as simple as including your machine's IP address in the list of whitelisted IPs. It contains Antidetect Browsers, Scrapers, Proxy Managers, and more... For more, please visit Integration channel.

    We offer 5 IPs in 1 day free trial for datacenter proxies and 1GB of Rotating Residential Proxies, can apply for from our telegram service online.